Make a test similar to the official test you will be examined!




Δεν είναι κατάλληλο το Τεστ σημάτων με τυχαία τεστ στα σήματα (testdrive)

Remember, however, that random tests

are suitable to realise your performance, not to be educated.

Of course you will notice some improvement by doing random tests again and again but this improvement would be disproportionate to the time and effort you have spent and no one can guarantee that you will pass the theoretical exam to obtain your driving lisence! There are many reasons...





Why is it wrong to practice with random tests?

1) It is not sure that all the questions of the book will be appeared even after many tests. You should also think that you have to study some questions two or three times at least!

2) It is sure that you will see many questions more times than you need, for example, the sign "dangerous right turn."

3) Easy questions are 3 times more than the difficult ones, so it will be three times more likely to meet them in each test. That means that each time the result will be the exact opposite of what you need. You will rarely meet the difficult questions of the code, while the easy too often!

4) You will not know when you are going to be ready for your exams. You can not be based on the last 5 tests where you answered correctly all the questions, because only the easy questions are likely to appear, as chances are more, and you will reach wrong conclusions! What usually happens in the day of the exam is to meet 2-3 questions (no more) that you will probably not remember, because you came across them in your first test, you answered wrong and you did not meet them again! So, the random tests will not be able to display them several times until you consolidate them!


Let the numbers speak:

Only 25% of students passed at the first time following the very method: practice random tests (testdrive) - read the book!

99% of students that used the method of (Progress Test – Errors’ Test) passed at the first time, with less effort and in less time!


The choice is yours…


Χάρτης σχολών οδηγών  συνεργάτες του




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 is the only online application that produces reliable tests, which are fully consistent with the structure of the official tests! Many people think that these tests are completely random. Your teacher knows that every official test contains questions from all the units. If the test was completely random,  it would be likely not containing questions from a chapter, such as SAFETY DISTANCE.


To avoid this and examine you in all the units, the official test possesses a program that chooses random questions but from all the units and in proper proportion. It achieves this by displaying each unit (group of questions) in particular always points. For example, the question INTERSECTIONS 48 in the official program of the ministry always appears to question 13 and always in question 13 whatever test we do, we will meet only intersections, while we will encounter sighning only in questions from 3-11!

In the other test that you will find on the internet (testdrive), you will meet the same question in different places. For example, you maybe meet  STOP at the first question but you also may meet it at the 13th. The algorithms that have been created by developers, are completely different from the official program of the ministry! The difference is that you will need to do many more tests to accomplish all the questions at least once!